Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 3 RESULTS

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8/19/11 10:23:46AM
Darth Vader defeats Alien 18-9
Jason defeats Joker 14-13
Vader will face Jason in the semi finals starting Monday

Freddy Krueger defeats Pinhead 19-6
Predator defeats Chucky 21-5
Freddy will face Predator in the semi finals starting Monday

Thanks to everyone for voting
8/19/11 2:22:06PM
Translation: there are 5 people who have either never seen Child's Play or think the Predator is something from Dateline NBC. Hmm, actually now that I think about it, Chris Hansen would've been the perfect guest referee.
8/19/11 3:25:42PM
Can't believe Jason's slow ass beat the Joker.
8/19/11 11:17:50PM
pinhead just got cecil peoplesed
8/20/11 6:09:47PM
Yeah I don't see the Joker getting taken out by Jason, but he does keep coming back and the Joker isn't immortal so....meh
8/20/11 9:52:29PM
well the real original Jason is actually just an old ass lady.
8/21/11 1:28:57PM
Really?! I thought it was some handicapped drowned kid? That's how much I pay attention to the killer's story when 18 year old boobies are running around!
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