Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 3 -Matchup #3

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POLL: Who wins.
Pinhead 29% (8)
Freddy Krueger 71% (20)
8/17/11 11:47:22AM
Freddy Krueger
8/17/11 11:56:11AM
I had to go Freddy. He is my favorite movie character ever. Pinhead wouldn't be able to handle Freddy's quickness. And the glove is devastating, even when your face is covered in nails.
8/17/11 12:35:13PM
Freddy is gonna win this whole thing baby
8/17/11 7:45:01PM

Posted by prophecy033

Freddy is gonna win this whole thing baby

He's hard as ****. No dount he's winning this thing. On a completely
unrelated note. I'm pretty damn drunk. Good afternoon Playground.
8/17/11 8:00:15PM
No way freddy takes pinhead.
He would be forced to relive his sins over and over again.
his only chance is the box.
8/19/11 4:27:01AM
Freddy is sort of a wuss, IMO.

Also, for the people who said Freddy is going to win this whole thing, how is that possible if Jason is still in it? Jason ALREADY beat Freddy.
8/19/11 5:03:22AM
well people will probably pick Freddy because he's more popular, but pinhead is far, far more powerful if you look at their special abilities. Pinhead is basically like a god. He can make stuff out of thin air, teleport, absorb gunshots and read minds.

You actually have to fall asleep for Freddy to be able to hurt you, and he's pretty powerful in the dream world, but even there pinhead would still be way stronger.
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