Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #7

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POLL: Who wins.
The Leprechaun 37% (10)
Chucky 63% (17)
8/12/11 12:59:32PM
Due to the fact that there is already a Dracula in the tourney Nosferatu is being DQ'd and The Leprechaun is taking his place.
The Leprechaun
8/12/11 1:04:02PM
Battle of the smalls. I think Chucky takes it cause at least once he was a grown man. Hes just trapped in a doll. Chucky with an early win IMO.
8/12/11 3:25:04PM
Chucky takes this
8/12/11 9:19:47PM
Good fight.
Leprechaun has lots of strong magic on his side but he's too focused on his damn gold,which would leave chucky plenty of time to come up with a strategy.
This fight starts with the little green man coming out strong,but ending with Chucks the victor.
8/15/11 3:39:27PM
I thought chucky was going against nosferatu?
8/16/11 2:33:58AM
Chucky is handy with all types of weapons..but if he has his knife..GAME!..lol..Chuck A.D.
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