Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #5

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POLL: Who wins.
Pinhead 50% (10)
Dracula 50% (10)
8/12/11 12:56:27PM
Pinhead from Hellraiser
8/12/11 1:02:08PM
Pinhead is pretty tough. I think these two would have similar fighting styles.
I take Pinhead in a long technical battle.
8/12/11 3:21:10PM
Dracula because, once again, he gets all the ladies.
8/12/11 9:17:13PM
ah this is a crime in the worst offence. Pinhead,realisticly defeats anyone on this list so far with ease. Dracula is tough,but he has too many weaknesses for Pinhead to exploit. The stronger the sinner,the greater the hunger for flesh,the worse pain Pinhead can and will inflict on you,which means pretty much everyone on this list is going down hard. That's why the original ending to Freddy Vs Jason was Pinheading breaking them up. He's that bad of a mofo.
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