Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #4

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POLL: Who wins.
Hannibal 32% (7)
Joker 68% (15)
8/12/11 9:59:35AM
Hannibal Lecture
The Joker
8/12/11 10:01:25AM
Both pretty twisted....gotta go with The Joker
8/12/11 3:18:23PM
Hannibal... He eats people
8/12/11 4:31:05PM
The Joker would take hannibal EASILY
8/12/11 7:19:27PM
Joker is my favorite to win the whole thing. He seems to be the only one that doesn't get beat by 18 year old girls....
8/12/11 9:13:38PM
Joker via more documentation.
We have years and years of comics and movies to see what the Joker is capable of. We have quiet a bit on Mr.Lector as well but not enough to make a good case for him. I think he could give the joker a good run for his money but not enough to take him in a fight.
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