Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #3

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POLL: Who wins.
Pennywise 14% (3)
Jason 86% (19)
8/12/11 9:57:37AM
Pennywise the Clown - from IT
Jason - from Friday the 13th
8/12/11 9:58:30AM
Jason - All POWER
8/12/11 3:16:35PM
This was a tough one but i went with Jason cuz he doesn't seem to die....ever
8/12/11 9:11:34PM
See my avatar,Jason all the way.

In reality Pennywise could probably manipulate Jason a lot like Freddy did,playing on his childhood fears. Despite being a huge Jason fan I can't let my fanboyism stand in the way. Take FVJ for example. Without human intervention Freddy would have dispatched jason pretty quickly in the boiler room dream sequence.
Pennywise could equally do the same.

But i'm still picking Jason.

btw,here's a link to a thread I did a while back

Predator vs Jason
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