Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1 - Matchup #1

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POLL: Who wins.
Darth 72% (18)
Terminator 28% (7)
8/8/11 11:55:09AM
Darth Vader from Star Wars
The Terminator from Terminator Series
8/8/11 12:35:12PM
I had to go with vader. He could squash the terminator into a can with only a squeeze of a fist
8/8/11 1:14:32PM
How is Star Wars a horror movie?
8/8/11 1:17:50PM

Posted by DeadHead988

How is Star Wars a horror movie?

Easy. It's scary to think people actually like that crap.

8/8/11 4:26:28PM
I don't think Star Wars is horror either but I would have to say Vader would smash the Terminator
8/8/11 5:34:43PM
Vader is an icon to fan boys all over the world. He wins in my book.

Oh, and his rap game isn't too bad, either.

Vader vs. Hitler
8/8/11 8:09:36PM
I think the terminator Army would give Vader's troops fits. But one on one, Vader all the way.

Vader loses to Magneto though. cough cough.
8/9/11 12:03:05AM
Darth Vader would be too fast and he could easily slice the Terminator with his light saber.
8/9/11 3:22:29AM
Terminator goes back in time to when Anakin was still young and squishes him like a bug.
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