Horror Movie Character tourny FINALS RESULTS

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8/29/11 1:39:13PM
Vader defeats Predator 15-14.....thanks to everyone for participating.
8/29/11 2:05:43PM
No prob bro, you supported my Action Star Tournament, its the least I could do. This final was as close as mine with Bruce Lee vs Sylvester Stallone
8/29/11 2:44:33PM
All Hail Lord Vader! We're Not Worthy!
8/29/11 4:18:43PM
how can you stop someone who can choke you out without touching you?
8/29/11 4:21:44PM
glad to see that the final was close. Really means they both deserved to be there. We gotta do another one of these. I thought it was a blast.
8/29/11 5:07:03PM
Vader just has too much swag.

8/29/11 5:20:21PM
Bling bling.... That reminds me of bling bling from bum fights
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