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POLL: Who wins it all.
Darth Vader 52% (15)
Predator 48% (14)
8/26/11 9:54:00AM
Preadtor vs. Darth Vader

Predator's path to the finals started with a dominating win over The Reaper from Jeepers Creepers. From there he went on to defeat another predator in the Wolfman. His elite 8 match up was another blow up against Chucky. He then went on to upset Freddy Krueger, the clear favorite in the tournament.

Darth Vader's path started with a slim first round victory over Terminator. His second round match up was another slim win over Frankenstien's Monster. From there he began to pick up some speed and dominated the top seeded Alien. His semi final match up was a blow out win over the strong blow slow Jason.
8/26/11 10:06:49AM
I went with Predator. I mean if he can beat Freddy.....he can beat anyone.
8/26/11 11:47:44AM
The battle of intergalactic warriors. I'm gonna go with the predator
8/26/11 1:07:36PM
The dark side of the force will have no effect on Predator. Predator takes this one.
8/26/11 3:00:21PM
you gotta go Darth. the only the the predator has is invisibility. Vader would still sence his presence with the force. he could choke the predator out or slice and dice with his light saber. as vader said....
8/26/11 3:42:13PM
Vader takes this all day. Being invisible wont help the Predator, Vader will sense where he is. Anything the Predator shoots at Vader will come right back at him, deflected by the light saber. Vader will use the force to choke him or lift him into the air and smash him back down, or pick up a huge object and smash it into him. Also Jedi mind tricks work on all galactic creatures unless they to are Jedi, which Predator is not.

If Vader smashed Alien then he will smash Predator as Alien v Predator is a pretty close fight HORRORMOVIEMATH.

I rest my case.
8/26/11 3:46:00PM
8/26/11 3:55:28PM

Posted by emfleek

Nice, old school WWF. hahaha
8/26/11 4:52:14PM
Vader for sure. You don't need to see someone to sense them. Darth sensed Obi-Wan without having seen him, I highly doubt the Predator is as skilled as Obi-Wan.
8/26/11 5:09:08PM
Vader should win. people obviously don't understand the power of the force
8/27/11 2:03:22PM
Is it final? I knew Vader would make a comeback. The force is strong w/ him
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