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8/24/07 1:14:16AM
So this ppv is all to show my trust for the natrual, Randy Couture, as I am putting down $500 on here in his favor. I also have some other small bets like 130 on kos (though i hate him and hope GSP wins), 10 on alberto (i get 90 if he wins, and 60 on another underdog i cant remember right now.
8/24/07 1:22:00AM
The other fight was 70 on Patrick Cote. I like Grove, but I think people are underestimating cote a lot for this fight. The total pontential payout is $1038. I know its unlikely for them all to win but I just need couture to win to be making profit and after that, its all about getting a lucky win from one of those 3.
8/26/07 5:57:17PM
just made 700 off this ppv, 500 of it off of couture
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