Honor Today For are Fighting Men & Women Past and Present.

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11/12/07 12:53:40PM
To day is a day to Honor are men and women that have fought for are Country. This being a fight site were else could it be more appropriate than here.
I Say GOD BLESS are Veterans!
11/12/07 2:10:46PM
Nice post man. Props.
5/16/08 5:11:13PM
god bless them all.
i lost my older cousin in kuwait he was closer to me then anyone in the world and im honered you all are remeberiong the ones lost
5/16/08 5:29:19PM
I'm not by any means a religious man but I wish the best for the families of the fallen soldiers. My brother survived post 9-11 in Afghanistan, later in Iraq, Korea, and a later return to Iraq. I don't always agree with the American way but I support all the soldiers no matter what.
5/16/08 6:07:59PM
I support the troops and our war effort. Props to you for doing the same. But its "our... not "are".
5/16/08 6:09:21PM
There's quite a bit of military heritage in my family too, both my father and grandfather as well as several uncles, cousins, and other relatives have served honorably in the Armed Forces over the last 50+ years. I may be anti-war but I still support our troops 100% and want them all to come back home safely.
God bless, Semper Fi, HOO-RAH!
5/16/08 9:11:34PM
5/17/08 1:39:17AM
Its amazing how blessed I am to be living in a country at war with a volunteer miltary active. Their bravery for my future is an unpayable debt of my gratitude
5/17/08 2:45:48AM
Well said dude.
5/17/08 2:59:44AM
Props to all veterans .Thanks for the freedom.
5/17/08 3:04:58AM
America F yah coming again to save the motha fing day yah.

Thanks to all of our troops.
5/17/08 5:42:26PM
even though i am anti war and anti bush i still feel for all the families who have lost and i support our troops 100%. whether they are from the U.S or Canada or wherever. I thank them with all my heart and wish them a safe journey home. Its because of people like them that we are all sitting here chatting on a website
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