Hong Man Choi Denied by Commission

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5/23/07 3:19:16PM
It appears that Hong Man Choi has been declined by the commission, and Lesnar's debut is in trouble...

5/23/07 5:59:42PM
wtf, no choi, no gina carano.. now im doubting to even go to this event :(

ill go jus for saku - royce
5/23/07 6:07:01PM
man, I half expect Saku to pull last minute due to not getting cleared or injury... bummer.
5/23/07 9:18:27PM
so who is brock fighting?
5/23/07 11:37:56PM
dang ! sucks for Lesnar ! maybe they can find a replacment.
5/24/07 6:51:15AM
There will be a 2nd opinion on it apparently, but if that fails then they will HAVE to find a replacement for Brock, its already been advertsised big time as the main event and he is there main draw to the average yank who likes WWE but isnt into MMA yet
5/24/07 2:35:45PM
Can't read this site from work...

Can someone please copy and paste?

Thanks in advance.
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