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POLL: How would you decide?
Consecutive Title Defenses 13% (4)
Alternating Years 80% (24)
Coin Toss 3% (1)
Other 3% (1)
4/18/07 7:08:14PM
How would you decide where the fights will be held for the Pride vs UFC super fights... Cage or Ring?

I think the fighter with the most number of consecutive title defenses during his current tenure as champion should have the home field advantage. So in the case of Fedor vs Couture, the fight would take place in a ring. For Dan Henderson vs Chuck Liddell it would take place in a cage.

The second idea is to have alternating venues depending on the year. 2008 will have all super fights in rings, 2009 will all be cages.

Lastly, it could be completely random based on a coin toss at the start of the fight. Once decided the ring or the cage would come up from the ground and the fighters would step in.

If none of these, tell me your ideas.
4/18/07 9:32:23PM
Alternating Years is what i said... it would be the most fair.
4/19/07 5:55:10AM
It would only be fair to do it on alternating years, deciding which country will hold it first by coin toss, whic UFC will probably fix so they can get the advantage, hoping to chalk up some home field victories to make them stronger going into the Japan event.
4/19/07 10:04:17AM
I think Dana said something alluding to alternating years with the 1st one obviously being in the US - thats the only way to do it - but try and make certain fights for those events that would be best (ufc striker VS pride striker would be best in the ring and vice versa)
4/19/07 11:57:59AM
i chose alternating years.... but what if they let the champions at the time vote for what they want.... just because they maybe champion in the cage...doesn't nessesarily mean they wouldnt prefer fighting in a ring...
4/19/07 5:01:13PM
i think that the team with the most winners of the prior grand prix would host the grand prix. The first one decided based on where they can make the most money(since thats how they do it anyway) .

Or screw that whole notion and have the fight in mexico city, with no cage or ring. With only a ring of fire to seperate them from the crowd. (similar to jean claude van dammes movie quest.) great movie.
4/19/07 5:25:15PM
Coin toss to start it off and then alternating years.
4/19/07 6:51:51PM
How about some neutral ground?

MMA Superbowl I- Switzerland!Maybe Germany?Do they even have MMA in Germany?!?!

Then again, I bet it would be a bitch to draw a live crowd there.

Oh well, just an idea...
4/19/07 8:54:39PM
If we are going by title defenses i would like to see whom ever had the longest string of defenses fight in foreign turf... It would be a true challenge and testiment to there ablities if they can fight in the surroundings they are not accustomed to and still come out victorious... But personally i thinkg it would b easier to manage if it were just alternated every year or if some how then can fit it in twice a year then we could have one in the ring and one in the cage
4/19/07 10:14:01PM
alternating years. that way all of the fighters get the feel of fighting in a cage or ring if they've never done it.
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