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2/28/07 7:32:58AM
Holman > Hamill

I get 2.5 to 1
2/28/07 1:22:05PM
cmon, you know you want to. In your mind you know Matt Hamill can beat anybody with his awesome wrestling skills. I mean... cmon, he was a TUF winner.
3/2/07 6:15:03PM
Anybody else want a piece, $300 left.
3/2/07 6:16:34PM
you are asking 3:1 on what on paper is a fairly close fight.
3/2/07 7:32:49PM
Many people have already given me 3 to 1 so I assume there are more out there. I will accept 2 to 1.
3/2/07 9:44:37PM
I'll take it. Send it my way.
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