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9/4/12 4:57:41PM
Hey PGer's!

I have some bad news for you all, I am going away on holiday tomorrow till next Wednesday, for those of you with good arithmetical knowledge will work out that's 7 days

As you guessed it might slow down sidegames and you wont be reading many new entries into the triathalon log. What a shame Hopefully ill get some wifi whilst I'm out there to check in on you guys

For the curious ones of you me and My girlfriend are going away on holiday to Lanzarote

I hope everyone stays well and most importantly safe

You know I'll miss you all!

Talk to you all soon and I'll be thinking of you!

P.S I have a great idea for my 500 prop oscar speech and it's coming along nicely
9/4/12 5:23:39PM
awesome...looks like paradise. Enjoy.
9/4/12 5:30:48PM
9/4/12 5:34:26PM
Wow, looks pretty sweet. Have a great time, and be safe
9/4/12 5:42:00PM many carats is the ring?

All kidding aside, have a great time Jay, looks really nice

I better have a paragraph dedicated to me in the 500 props speech
9/4/12 5:58:16PM
Now that seems like a fine destination! Enjoy the holiday, Jay! Stay away from that Moroccan Black though
9/4/12 6:52:11PM
enjoy yourself Jay! the pics i've seen from there look amazing!
9/5/12 1:02:11AM
I feel kind of dumb for never hearing about this place. Be safe and have a good time mate
9/5/12 10:04:40AM
That should be a great trip! Dig up some of that loose terrain that geologists believe will inevitable slough off the island and fall into the ocean, creating one of the most devastating tidal waves in recent history. You'll be making a difference!
Have a great time.
9/5/12 12:27:36PM
Wow - that looks exotic!

Hope you and your fine lady have a magical time together! :)
9/5/12 5:29:30PM

Posted by Budgellism

I feel kind of dumb for never hearing about this place. Be safe and have a good time mate

its probably smaller than the city of Hamilton so I dont blame you (I too have never heard of it)

enjoy it Jay, but when you return you better be tanned enough to join the next season of Gordie Shore