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11/9/07 1:53:57AM
Just Because..

11/9/07 2:09:12AM
...and that's all the reason you need. I love me some hockey and I really love me some hockey fights. Look forward to any SJ Sharks/Anaheim Ducks match-ups.

11/9/07 3:41:34PM
11/9/07 5:44:41PM
Yea that's a good one
11/9/07 6:38:22PM
I can't remember either of their names but one of my favourite hockey fights was in the NHL when one guy got jerseyed and took a blind swing with his head down, knocking the other guy out. It was pretty awesome.
11/10/07 10:12:10AM

Posted by DJDark41

Best, fight, ever.

Brashears handed Downey a beat down at the Verizon Center
11/10/07 11:02:57AM
Best fight ever was when Wendel Clark handed Marty McSorely his ass back in the early 90s. You have to see McSorely's face to really appreciate the damage sustained in that fight.

Leafs vs Kings 1993 Conference Finals

Another funny one was Bryan McCabe vs Zdeno Chara. Apparently Chara's dad was an Olympic wrestler. lol

McCabe vs Chara
11/10/07 11:59:00AM

Chara knows how to sprawl ^_^
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