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10/8/11 12:04:06PM
There is a link to the video right below. The KO happens at the 14 minute mark if you don't want to watch the entire fight.

10/8/11 12:37:24PM
Nice ko. Houston was out cold.
10/8/11 1:46:36PM
Impressive win. He shouldn't struggle with the referee, though. If the ref tells you to move away, then you should move away.
10/8/11 1:59:05PM
What the hell was Bosse doing at the end of the fight? Was he gloating or looking to go in for more? Either way it seemed like a douchebag move to me, now I kinda want to see him get KOed.
10/8/11 2:11:47PM
At first, Bosse standing over Houston bothered me. Then I was thinking Houston kind of did the same thing in his wins. Bosse seemed respectful after the fight though. I'm sure it was just his adrenaline going crazy.
10/8/11 3:06:25PM
Alexander just isn't very good...period. when you lose to Limbo, it proves that. And Bosse' needs to keep his hands up. If he was fighting someone that was any good, they would have noticed that and peppered him with jabs
10/8/11 4:59:14PM
Glass Joe defeats Houston Alexander by TKO
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