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1/10/08 2:08:21AM
1/10/08 10:48:40PM
I think #10 should of been #1.
1/10/08 10:58:58PM
Haha good video. Number 1 2 and 3 were awesome.
1/10/08 11:57:27PM
I personally think the best one is not even listed. I was a wee lad in Calgary in 1986 staying up late and watching the big Calary/Edmonton playoff series. (Hockey rivalries don't get much bigger than Edmonton/Calgary especially back in the Gretzky era, The Oilers had won the last 2 Stanley Cups, and us Calgary fans were used to Edmonton giving it to us up the poophole). It was game seven and tied at 2-2, poor Steve Smith circles behind his net goes to pass and banks the puck off of Grant Fuhr's leg and into the goal. Final score 3-2 and Calgary went on to the Stanley Cup finals only to loose to the damn Habs.

Worst part of the whole story? It was Steve Smith's birthday that night. Lol I remember going to a few games afterwards and everytime Smith (a defenceman) would circle behind his net all the Calgary fans would scream "Shoot!"

Here is legend Lanny McDonald's easiest goal.

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