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8/31/09 8:51:18AM
Mainly in the morning on my drive home from work I see at least 2 -3 hitchhikers looking for a ride. Obviously because of the serial killers, and rapists who want my manhood id never stop to pick them up, but I feel bad passing by their stuck out thumbs. So have you ever picked one up? Or have you yourself hitched a ride, did the rules of the road apply?
8/31/09 10:37:56AM
I would never pick one up and I don't feel bad for them either. I would also never ask for a ride either.

Even people on the side of the road whose car breaks down, I wouldn't stop. In this day and age everyone has cell phones and people should have some sort of road-side assistance.

The only time I would stop and help is if I saw an accident happening.
8/31/09 10:45:34AM
I've never picked one up due to reasons stated previously. My buddy did so a while back and the guy was all drugged up and ended up being very weird, he said. The next day, the guy's name and picture were in the paper. He had been arrested on an arson charge and was also found to have been under the influence of crystal meth *and* had meth on him.

However, I found myself in their position about 5 or 6 years ago. My car died on the interstate on the COLDEST night of the year. Temperature were sub-zero and the nearest exit was 6 miles away and MY exit was roughly 10 miles away. I didn't hitchike...just started walking. I walked about 4 miles and someone pulled over to pick me up. I accepted the ride because, quite frankly, I had turtle dick from hell. The entire time I was in this guy's truck, I had my keys clenched just waiting to stab him in the jugular if he tried anything. He ended up driving me to my exit and was going to drop me off at my house, but I told him to just drop me off @ the Arby's right off the exit. I got out and walked the other mile to my house.
8/31/09 10:54:24AM
I've hitch-hiked a few times when I was in High School. I rarely had rides home from soccer or wrestling so when I couldnt get one with teammates a friend and I would hitch rides home.

Never had any trouble getting picked up or trouble with weirdo's when we did.

I dont make a habit of stopping for them now but if its cold or raining I'll usually stop. Especially for women, I'd have trouble making a woman walk in the rain as I drove past her.
8/31/09 10:58:02AM

Posted by FlashyG

Especially for women, I'd have trouble making a woman walk in the rain as I drove past her.

Besides, I've seen pornos start out that way...

8/31/09 11:58:35AM
Never hitchhiked and never picked up a hitchhiker...

Didn't they make a movie about this with Alec Travelyn from James Bond and the hottie Sophia Bush? LOL
8/31/09 12:14:15PM
ive hitched hiked a bit in other countries. I did an awful lot in puerto rico, people would stop youd hop in and drop you off on the main strip. sure as hell beat taking a cab.
8/31/09 12:16:35PM
Ive been the Hitche few times, but never been the Hitcher.
8/31/09 6:21:54PM
hell no, that how you end up on E's serial killer specials
8/31/09 10:47:15PM
I'm not big on picking them up.
8/31/09 10:54:24PM
I would pick a hitch hiker up if she was wearing a mini skirt and a really low cut shirt

everyone else like mentioned already, SHOULD have some back up plan for an emergency. Everyone has cell phones now. So they will never set foot in my car
9/1/09 12:03:39AM
I've done both back in the late 90's when I was pretty poor. I never had any problems (gun owner) and only 1 guy ever hit on me!

P.S. and no Shawn91111 the "rules " do not apply......if you are carrying a 40 cal.
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