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5/12/10 8:16:05PM
Mainia says Jonathan Goulet has been cut by UFC following Saturday's loss to Marcus Davis. No further details yet. Goulet is on the Losing Streak Of Doom so it's probably not unexpected. I'll miss the hair though.
5/12/10 8:27:46PM
How many times has this guy been "let go" in one sense or the other...and brought back again?? Has to be a record right?
5/12/10 8:28:33PM
Maybe once at most, the majority of the time he was gone the last couple years was due to injuries.
5/12/10 8:32:10PM
He's definitely a feeder.
5/12/10 9:47:48PM
I believe Doerksen may hold the record of most returns to the UFC as this is his 4th trip to the UFC with a 2-5 record.
5/12/10 11:28:09PM
If anyone here is shocked by Goulet being cut I have some ocean front property in Nebraska I'd like to sell you. I'm actually surprised it took this long when Dana cut Kimbo that night.
5/13/10 10:27:35AM
i think i am more surprised that daley and kimbo were let go before this guy
i would take that as a insult!!
5/13/10 4:06:42PM
I'm not so surprised about Daley being cut before Goulet which is why I only brought up Kimbo.
5/13/10 10:53:07PM
What about Hague, did he get cut again?
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