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2/15/07 9:52:30AM
Origins of MMA
Mixed Martial Arts has it is known today has been known has many different things in the past. Pankration in the Greek Olympics and NHB (No Holds Barred) in the 1990's. In fact all three names represent distinctly different time periods and rules for the sport.
Pankration was a Greek olympic sport that began its first apperance in 648 BC. It is widely regarded today that it was one of the most popular olympic sports. The only moves outlawed in this sport were gouging of the eyes or biting. These rules were enforced by a referee carrying a switch. Fighters would fight naked as the festival of the olympics was to celebrate the human body.
Pankration incorpated styles of boxing and Greek wrestling. These styles included groundfighting (blows and submissions) as well as striking on the feet. Knockouts did happen but mose Pankration fights ended up on the ground. A match could be won when a combatant surrendered was rendered unconsciousnes, or killed. Many competitors refused to surrender when in a submission hold and then died of strangulation. Although it was common for a fighter to submit as soon as a choke hold was affixed upon him. Kicks were very effective in Pankration espically kicks to the groin. Kicks above the wasit were seldom used while standing as it put the fighter throwing the kick in a easy position for a take down. Kicks to the head on the ground were used when a fighter was near defeat in order to finish him off.
There were no time weight divisons. As the fight had no time limit save it would be stopped at sunset. Then the fighters would take turns taking undefended blows from one another.


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2/15/07 1:25:31PM
Another reason they fought naked was to reduce everyone to the same class (strip everyone of their social status). If there was no winner by the time the sun came down, they had what was called a "climax." They would draw lots to see which combatant got to go first...the one who went first got to position their oponent in any position they chose...they got to deliver 1 single unanswered blow of their choosing...then it was the other persons turn. Seldom did it ever make it more than a few turns before someone lost. Also, all of the great Greek intellectuals took part in pankration as opposed to boxing or wrestling because it was considered the most challenging sport.
2/15/07 2:30:23PM
Yes thats true. Alexander the Great was a praticioner of Pankration. As for the class i dont see that. In the games is the only competitors were free Greek speaking Men (Men only in Pankration). Although men from Greek colonies camp afterwards it was originally only men from Greece. Slaves were not allowed to compete in Pankration neither were women.
Not only that before any athlete competed in the ancient Greek Olympics they had to take a oath on Zeus that they had train 10 months for this event. So it really wasnt just anyone who competed.
2/15/07 2:35:38PM
Yeah, only the best got to compete. I have a book that is about the history of NHB fighting...my buddy has it, but when I get it back I will tell you the author and the name. It's a great book...it says all about that stuff.
2/15/07 2:48:12PM
Thanks man. Sounds awesome.
Yeah the sport has evolved from Pankration to NHB to MMA.
2/15/07 3:30:07PM
Easily the best and most intellectual post to have misspelled it's title.
2/15/07 4:23:19PM
LOL We try
2/15/07 8:24:18PM

Posted by crimethinc

Easily the best and most intellectual post to have misspelled it's title.

Wow. Every other word i searched over on Microsoft Notepad to make sure it was correct. hahahh oh well. i will leave it there for fun.
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