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2/18/08 1:55:49AM
which show do you guys prefer since its essentially the exact same thing?
2/18/08 2:21:03AM
never seen fight quest. but human weapon is good. dont like the hosts tho
2/18/08 2:22:38AM

Posted by ufc88

which show do you guys prefer since its essentially the exact same thing?

I've seen Human weapon, and it was a bit cheesy, and looked more like a half-baked biopic of each Martial art topped off with a "fight" at the end, which often looked like sparring. I thought there wasn't enough focus on each martial arts strengths, like in the Sanda episode, they talked on and on about the sweep, but didn't say why it was really useful as a technique outside of San Shou matches. Likewise in Muay Thai, they just sloppily did some exercises rather than explaining why Muay Thai is the strongest striking art because of the way the fighters move.

I havn't seen fight quest yet, I've been told its more scientific though. I saw a clip the other day, possibly on break.com oh how being hit in the testicles can affect someone, which I believe was from the show. I've heard it's a decent production, but as always with these kind of things I'd advise anyone watching to take the pseudo-science with a pinch of salt; the kind of tests these kind of shows perform are often scientifically flawed and are only for demonstrating a point, not collecting quantifiable data. Actually, try not to see it from a scientists point of view (because I'm one) and just try and enjoy it!
2/18/08 4:39:41AM
both are interesting Human Weapon and Fight Quest i like fight quest more
2/18/08 7:02:50AM
both are cool i think fight quest is more hands on tho
2/18/08 9:07:18AM
I think fight quest is a better show the guys are both real fighters before they came on the show human weapon had 1 amateur fighter and an ex football player who wrestled in highschool and they train alot harder and when they fight they go all out.
2/18/08 9:14:26AM
Fight Quest is all in all just a better show IMO
2/18/08 2:59:34PM
If Fight Quest doesn't have Bill Duff then I go with fight quest. although I've never seen it.
2/18/08 3:58:22PM
I think that Human Wepon is more about the sciences and origin of the particualr martial art. Were Fight Quest shows alot more of the training aspect of it. They also send each guy with differnet trainers usually one is in a rual envirorment and the other guy in an urban one. i like both shows equally. .
2/18/08 9:25:05PM
both are good but Fight Quest is way better IMO the hosts looks more serious about wat their doing and the fight are more intense...

Fight Quest FTW

3/12/08 7:49:41PM
It's the same general concept, but there are major differences between the shows. I prefer the FQ format where the hosts train in different camps.

And FWIW, Jimmy Smith (FQ host) submitted Jason Chambers (HW host) in under 2 minutes:


3/12/08 8:51:53PM
I preferred Fight Quest. i liked the host more and liked the way they split the 2 guys up. Gives you a good look at different fight groups in one area.
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