Hilarious GSP vs. BJ Prediction

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1/30/09 9:33:11PM
Read the second guys, man did i laugh hard


1/30/09 10:42:46PM
here it is

Name: Neven Dravinski - Project Manager

Pick: GSP by rippling abs defeat

Fight starts…BJ takes one look at GSP’s asymmetrical abs and decides he cannot possibly go on with the fight. He waits for Buffer to do his signature BJ Penn intro and then gives a hang-loose to the crowd as he exits. GSP is so confounded by the act that he quits the UFC to remake the Street Fighter movie as Jean-Claude’s replacement for Guile. GSP moves on to commercials where he spends the rest of his days telling cleaning products he is “…not impressed with your performance.”

pretty funny
1/30/09 11:32:00PM
wow just wow
1/31/09 1:16:32AM

that was so random
2/5/09 10:23:19PM
not really funny. trying too hard
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