Hilarious/Awesome Fight Finish (Video)

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6/24/09 10:47:47PM
Saw this over on Fightlinker and didn't see it on the first few pages. Sorry if this has been previously posted, but its freakin' hilarious.

Hilarious/Awesome Fight Finish

6/25/09 12:44:12AM
I posted the .gif about a year ago LINK

Good re-find though. I'm a lot of people haven't seen it.

6/25/09 12:52:55AM
Whenever I see this I can't believe the guy held on while he was being lifted into the air. It's obvious at that point that his face is going to come crashing down.
6/25/09 8:21:47AM
What was that guy thinking?

Surely natural instinct would make you try and protect yourself let alone common sense. What an idiot.
6/25/09 6:20:41PM
Technically speaking, as far as I know you're not allowed to spike a fighter onto his head, so that slam should have been ruled illegal. Of course, this is a rule that never seems to be enforced. See: Marquardt vs. Leites

Anyway, though.. yeah I would have just let the arm go if I was dude about to get dropped
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