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10/21/09 11:35:10PM
OK, this is one of the funniest things I've seen in a really long time:

drunk guy wants more beer

10/21/09 11:36:16PM
posted the wrong link, it's fixed.
10/22/09 12:32:24AM
It's almost sad seeing the guy try to get up off the floor by the cooler. Best part is just when he's about to leave the store So close!!
10/22/09 12:44:27AM
Freakin AWESOME!!! Thanks, that made my day!
10/22/09 5:32:46AM

10/22/09 8:08:02AM
bwaahhhahhaahhaaa, that guy was hilarious. he was like a monkey that wont let go of the food to get his hand out of the jar its in as hes holding the beer and trying to get up. that was just great, no feeling bad for that guy, he had plenty of fun already that day, he had to give something back to the rest of the world.
10/22/09 8:12:07PM
Was anyone else rooting him on ....I was cheering him "you can make it" and "get UP!"....my wife actually came over to see what I was going on about!
10/22/09 9:08:34PM
I don't think I have ever seen someone this drunk and moving at the same time. I've been so drunk I've been on the verge of passing out, but I was at least able to control my body to a reasonable degree. This guy looks like he is drunk and handicapped at the same time. It's almost hard to believe.
10/22/09 10:30:40PM
I have been that drunk ....just not in a public place. Very funny ...the best part was he never let go of the 12 pack. Thats what made me lose it!
10/23/09 3:39:56PM
That dude was more than just drunk....

The old guy drinking from the BAC machine is classic!
10/26/09 7:37:34AM
I've been that drunk before.

When I was much younger I went on vacation to mexico, and had no clue about what alcohol could really do to a person or what my tolerance levels were lol.

I literally couldn't stand up without falling over, people had to carry me. You have to be pretty much on the verge of alcohol poisoning to get to that point, but it is possible believe it or not. Pretty hilarious to watch. The music makes it so much better.
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