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7/24/12 12:45:49AM
I have been passionate about MMA for a long time now but another hobby I am passionate about has been hiking and traveling. I just signed up for a trip to the Himalayas in October and I am pretty stoked.

Is there any other avid outdoorsmen in the PG? whats some of the awesome places you have been to?

here's me in the alps

cant get the pic to work
7/24/12 1:55:51AM
Badass pictures TC (your av). I'm an avid outdoorsmen, if it can be done on a mountain, a river, a lake, ect. I've done it but I can't say that I have been anywhere worth really mentioning. Thats awesome you have trekked the Alps. You better let us know how the Himalayas are when you get back. One day I'm going to see the world. I'm jealous brother.
7/24/12 3:17:07AM
i was in peru last year and did the trek to machu pichu, it was done in 3 days and we covered around 40 km. the highest peak was about 4200m above sea level and i was actually quite surprised how tough it was physically going up the mountain. i was chewing coca leaves basically the entire time which the peruvian porters said would help with altitude sickness, headaches and stamina (which it did). smoking weed at altitude is awesome also. a group of us went ahead of the others and had a few joints then decided we would run down on the was one of the most exciting things i have ever done, skipping and jumping on rocks at speed with the most breathtaking views, honestly felt like we were in a video game. something that i will never forget.

want to try the kokoda track next which is in papua new guinea. aussie soldiers used it in ww2 and it is 96 km long over very rough jungle terrain.
7/24/12 12:47:38PM
Usually twice a year I like to hike the mountains in Rio de Janeiro
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7/24/12 2:14:05PM
i will definitely let you all know how the trip went. peru is on my list of places to as well.
7/25/12 1:18:03AM
I hadn't looked closely at your avatar, I thought it was that sabretooth cat from the Ice Age movies

Seriously though, I live in NZ, so hiking is a necessity. Many great walks and mountains, with some of the best scenery too.