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7/10/08 6:16:50AM
When it comes to award time, whether it’s the half-year awards
or the end of year honors there are always categories that will give you fits when trying to narrow things down to the five or ten best. Not the knockout category though; whenever it’s time to choose the best KOs or TKOs, there are always more than enough candidates to pick from, and the winner is almost always clear-cut. So far, 2008 is no exception.

7/10/08 6:40:22AM
shane carwin needs to be on at least honorable mention.
7/10/08 8:32:48AM
All their picks we're good but I also liked.
Cote crushing Kendall Grove/Mcfederdries how about Rivera crushing Grove
Penn breaking Sherks Face was good.
Wiman Big KO over Tavaras
Koscheck TKO over Hazelett
Bispings pair of beatdowns we're good
Macdonald beatdown of Doerkson
are the other good ones I can think of right now.

7/10/08 12:07:00PM
drew mcfedries over marvin eastman
7/10/08 12:11:02PM
I think wiman vs tavarres should have been a top5 k.o.
7/10/08 8:12:17PM
IMO Irvin and Boetsch shouldn't be on the list

replace with Guillard and Lytle. Lytle connected on ever damn punch!
7/11/08 6:15:56AM
Boetsch deserves it, Ive never seen a throwdown KO.
Its worth last place atleast
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