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7/13/07 12:14:11PM
If the first half of 2007 is any indication, we’re in for some great fights in the UFC’s Octagon from August to December. But what bouts captivated fight fans from January to July and truly showed what mixed martial arts is all about? In part four of the Highly Unofficial Half-Year UFC Awards, we look at the best fights of the first six months and one week of 2007.


7/13/07 12:33:03PM
Fisher vs Stout beats out Tyson vs Guida?!?!?
7/13/07 12:34:53PM
Pretty decent selection. I think Bisping vs Sinosic is questionable though...but he did say that the atmosphere played into that decision. I think Randy vs Tim would've been higher on the list, had big Tim put up more of a fight. Griffen vs Edgar got an honorable mention, but could of easily made the list.
7/13/07 6:40:28PM
i agree with these but they should make a top 10 do to how many good fights there are
7/13/07 6:42:56PM
Griffin/Edgar should have DEFINITELY been on that list.
7/14/07 12:08:05PM
Stout vs. Fisher was the best lw fight ive seen in a long time besides BJ vs. Pulver. I think these are sum great picks but would also like to see a top10.
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