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1/1/09 8:12:50PM
Whether applied with the finality of a knockout punch, with speed and technical acumen, or as a last-ditch fight saving maneuver, a submission move is one of the most versatile weapons in mixed martial arts today. Just ask the fighters who landed on the list below of the top submissions of 2008.
1/1/09 10:17:57PM
heres the link

I would have had these on the top 10 list Aurelio over Roberts, Cantweel over Razaak and Cb's sub over taylor
1/1/09 10:31:42PM
Well this guy definetely has some love for Kevin Burns as I think he has made it on every list so far.

I understand the reasoning behind many of the subs, being as they came at a desperate time of need...but c'mon four triangles?

You would think Dana's favorite submission (CB Dolloway's peruvian necktie) would have at least made the bottom of the list. I would also add Yoshiyuki Yoshida's Anaconda Choke over War Machine.
1/2/09 1:06:07AM
Well Kevin Burns could make the Knockouts list too because anthony johnson had the pleasure of giving him a head kick KO.
1/2/09 1:51:23AM
i agree with number 1 because that sub was sick

i think the Maia/MacDonald fight from UFC 87 was awesome with the numerous sub attempts from both men.

im not sure if they did knockouts but im sure Rashad is getting number 1 with Rampage getting number 2
1/2/09 11:16:54AM
Perfect pick for number one, but I'm not sure if I agree with Mir's sub being number 2. Sure, as far as importance goes, it'd be up there, but it was complete luck and wasn't really all that great.
1/2/09 11:29:29AM
I'm not really feeling the Hazelett armbar @ #1. For me, I'd expect a more rare submission. Like Dollaway's peruvian necktie. Was that on the list?

For KO, I'd have to say Rashad over Chuck, or Kos over Yoshi @ #1. Then maybe Rampage @ 2 or 3. Those are the biggest that come to mind.

Ohio: Are you kidding me right now. Mir's sub on Lesnar was complete luck? Oops! I grabbed your foot, wrapped my legs around one of yours, and am now accidently applying pressure to hyperextend your knee. My bad!
1/3/09 8:51:13AM
Why is Palhares armbar over Slaverry not on any of these "sub of the year" lists? Granted, it wasn't an important fight.

But an armbar from back-control. That was sweet. And the first I think I've seen in MMA
1/3/09 10:37:42AM
best sub has to be hazlette over burkman

ko's rashad first, kos second rampage third
1/5/09 4:32:00PM
Dan Miller vs. David Baron has to be up there.
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