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12/31/08 6:14:55PM

The beauty of sports is that there is a never-ending pool of talent that always replenishes each particular game, whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, or mixed martial arts. 2008 saw a talented group of newcomers make their way to the Octagon, and frankly, it was tough to narrow the field down to just ten standouts. So to help do so, there’s just one rule in addition to the fact that each newcomer needed to have made his UFC debut in 2008, and that’s that each fighter had to have had at least two official UFC fights during the calendar year (fighters with one fight can make it to the Honorable Mention list). And I stuck to that rule, with just one exception…
12/31/08 6:28:03PM
Shane Carwin could have been a little higher
12/31/08 11:34:31PM
Miller brothers, watch out for them in 09.
12/31/08 11:46:24PM
No respect for Ryan Bader?

1/1/09 4:51:45PM

Posted by Wolfenstein

No respect for Ryan Bader?

That's what I was thinking. I kept going down the list, expecting him to be on there. I knew who was number one, but I definitely assumed Bader to be on there.

I'd also have the Millers a little higher on the list, but I don't know who I'd move down. That's a stacked list!
1/1/09 6:46:12PM
I say Velasquez should be #1 cause IMO he would ABSOLUTELY KILL Lesnar.
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