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8/28/09 11:33:39PM
My dude made me a highlight off of my youtube videos of my first eight fights. About two minutes long, its really pretty good considering he had no original files or DVDs he just made it off my youtube account

Jeremy Myers Highlights
8/29/09 12:57:12AM
Wow man, I am honestly impressed, you look great!
8/29/09 1:47:05AM
very nice bra
8/29/09 7:25:05AM
That was bad ass, Dude you are lighting quick. Best of luck to you!
8/29/09 12:50:00PM
LOL, you gotta get with Brock Lesnar and show him the last part of this video. Now THAT is how you throw masturbation punches!
9/15/09 11:49:59AM
i dig the anaconda, that was a sick transition
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