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2/1/08 10:45:10AM
Im in a posting mood today for some reason. Another less known BJJ move IMO.

For mainly flexable JJ guys:

I donno what type of mount I dislike being in more, the low stomach press leg grapevine type, Or the head vulnerable, helpless feeling high mount...

Higher mounts for the most part easier to bump someone off, but if you find uve been bucking and rolling with no advance, try this move...

I've used it in a NAGA tourney before when I found myself in bad position, and ended up getting a sub from it...


Your high mounted and the guy is stable and not giving u much room to deal with... Save up one more good buck, and buck him forward while pushing on the lower part of his ribcage or biceps for added discomfort... If this works the way it should the person on top will move forward a bit and put his hands on the mat in front of him to brace the buck. Simotaniously, bring your legs up over his back and get them on under his armpits as best as possible. This will be uncomfortable to do, so do it fast and smooth... To someone that is watching it might look like a desperate leg flailing, but once your legs get under his armpits while ur on bottom still, and he is still off balance with his arms on the mat to brace himself, Sneak over a shoulder of your choice and slide out under him... Now, you can just get up or to finish with the sub, BOTH of his legs will be vulnerable cuz when u escape it will almost look like the guy is ready to be Boston Crabbed... Now grab an ankle and apply an Achillies ankle lock while sitting on his ass. The guy should go from being on top of you, to on his stomach with his legs bent and you applying the ankle lock to one of his legs...

It def works better if ur flexable and will catch ur opponent by suprise... Again only works for high mount...

Again, couldnt find a picture on the web, so let me know if the visual is off.
Got me second place in a NAGA tourney...
2/2/08 1:23:55PM
do you know about the triangle from mount?
2/3/08 2:26:48AM
Thanks for the props. I could explain the triangle from the mount but you'd be better off looking at it on youtube. I couldnt find the crimp or high mount escape on youtube so thats why I thought it was worth it to post. But I know ive seen it on youtube.
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