Hieron-Diaz for Strikeforce title

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7/29/09 6:38:40PM
MMAWeekly.com sources on Wednesday confirmed that Jay Hieron has signed a new multi-fight contract with Strikeforce that will put him on the promotion’s Aug. 15 event “Carano vs. Cyborg.” He will face Nick Diaz for the first ever Strikeforce welterweight championship.
7/29/09 7:13:56PM
Diaz via whatever, i don't think this will be very even.
7/29/09 7:22:31PM
good fight but diaz takes it
7/29/09 7:31:08PM
I think this is going to be diaz's biggest test since he fought gomi I dont see him walking through Hieron like he has been with his last few opponents.
7/29/09 7:34:27PM
Should be a good scrap. I can't wait for this card. As much as I wanted to see Riggs/Diaz II, I think that this is a much more relevant fight for the weight class. Riggs has kinda stagnated, while Diaz is on the rise and just getting better.
7/29/09 8:11:36PM
Thats a good matchup. This card on August 15th is lookin real good right now. This seems like a fun and interesting matchup to watch but I think Diaz is just too talented for Hieron.
7/30/09 4:32:08AM
I think it's gonna be a good fight, both have great striking, I think Diaz is on another level as a fighter though, and will probably TKO Hieron in the second or third.
7/30/09 4:56:33AM
This will be a much more competitive match-up than what I assumed Diaz/Riggs was going to be.

How about Diaz/Cyborg and Hieron/Carano though, since they're all interchangeable due to all being the same weight.
7/30/09 9:03:36AM
Anyone know what actually happened to Riggs?
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