hey does anyone have a solid conditioning program?

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4/30/08 9:16:41PM
Hey does anyone on here have a good conditioing and cardio program they would ike to share with me im looking for a good one and was wondering if anyone here would want to help me out if you have one please respond
4/30/08 9:18:35PM
What sport?
4/30/08 9:25:58PM
wreslting,mma,grapplig kickboxing mainly just mma
4/30/08 9:50:27PM
I would suggest a lot of endurence running but a total mixup package is pretty much required.

First off, I basically increased my cardio double by just learning how to breathe slowly and deeply during running and competition. Also I had heavy feet. That came from wearing basketball shoes and not having the practice for technique of running.

Also, eat lightly before a run if you don't already and salad will help anyones cardio and stamina simply because it allows your muscles to go further without wearing out. ( something I do. When I pour water into a waterbottle I leave it open until all the air is gone and the bubbles are gone. you burp less from the water)

If all you do is run endurence you'll still die because of the constant change of pace in the fight.

(these are my personal preferances and they worked very well for me.)

So... I run about 5 or so miles two days on 1 day off. After that I do Timed short/med/long sprints. Since you are not doing the same sprint length you are already preparing for a pace change.]

If you do those your wind should be fine but that is actually a smaller part of the entire conditioning than I thought before. (Keep in mind this is me) something that helped a lot was running stairs. Stairs pump your legs and give you wind at the same time so by my philosiphy they're amazing.

I went into a 6 minute match and I was able to fight at near full pace the entire time. That shit is hard for a short aggressive guy.

Keep in mind this is not all there is but it should help.

Doing a lot of pushup and weighted pushups and working muscles like that will cause them to be less fatigues when you use them which soulds like a no brainer but that also means that you will use less wind for your time on the ground and the moves you execute.

I haven't used it a whole lot but people talk about circuit training and if Sherk uses it it must be a pretty good idea.

Something I did to murder my cardio was I went to the school track and ran a lap then I ran a lap and sprinted the straights and I did that on and off for four laps then in the fifth one I tried to give my best impression of a sprint.

Diet is going to be crucial so pizza and running could probably get you to an athletic level but not elite at the conditioning.

4/30/08 10:15:30PM
Alright thanks man ill try this out
4/30/08 10:26:33PM
I almost forgot about punch and kick drills. Yeah. they help. And using weights for stamina such as a 20-30 repper on a bench or with shoulders can helo. I don't do them but they are proven.
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