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7/3/08 1:00:26AM
The song that plays during the credits for this HL, does anybody know who it is? or what the name of the song is?
7/3/08 1:10:35AM
joe cocker-with a little help from my friends..i think..

yep thats it.i double checked
7/3/08 1:40:58AM
lol umm im pretty sure its not that song...
7/3/08 1:49:37AM
i know it. Don't let me be misunderstood

Lil Wayne ripped it off in his song Misunderstood (Dontgetit)

Joe Cocker wrote the version in the video.
7/3/08 2:10:36AM

ha my bad.went by the voice and than searched the lyrics and that song came up first

feel free to use my previous post on the EPIC FAIL thread

srry for the mis info tho.atleast i had the artist right
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