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2/9/08 3:24:53PM
Hi everyone. I registered here just before the last PPV and forgot all about posting a 'whats up, how you doing, this is me' thread.

I've been into MMA since about '97 or '98, after having completely given up on boxing. I boxed in High School and College and turned semi-pro before an intentional thumb to the eye caused some reduced vision and an inability to get a medical clearance to compete. Since then, I moved onto Aikido and made the natural transition to BJJ after finally finding a gym that didn't have a continual influx of TUF'ies filing through the door only to disappear two weeks later. Currently a cop in Cleveland, OH and enjoy busting out the occasional RNC on those less than cooperative citizens.

Looking forward to some intelligent discussions and maybe some laughs.
2/9/08 4:19:23PM
Glad to see you. You should join a up and coming fight camp like "Team KY Jelly"
2/9/08 5:49:23PM
Hey welcome, this is my 1st post also.
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