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3/24/10 3:27:06PM
Hello everyone, newbie here just checking out the site and trying to get some info. I'm Hambone, 25 years old, living in Colorado, long time fan of mma and think i want to start training and see if i can find a fight within the next year or so. I am ex military, done 4 1/2 years combat arms, field artillery, been all over the world, korea, iraq twice, now out in colorado. I want to start training but i don't know what weight class to shoot for. i am 5'11 tall and walk around at about 260 right now. I know i slacked off alot since i got out of the military but when i was working out regularly i walked around at like 215-220lbs. I was thinking of light heavyweight but i don't see 205 lbs in my near future. I really want to get a fight this year, but i want to be the best i can be before hand so i don't make an ass of myself. I have started to do cardio again and bodyweight exercises to get ready to join a local gym. and recently began studying up on diet and nutrition and all that, I am just lookin for any helpful information i can get. i know i have alot of work ahead of me and its gonna be rough but so was the army and i made it through that. i'm nothing if not persistent. So if anyone could give me any advice I am all ears.
3/26/10 10:51:26AM
Well i can't see anything wrong with having your 1st fight at heavyweight if your cardio is good, you might be a smaller heavyweight but that comes with a speed advantage. You should definately be a light heavyweight IMO at 5'11" but to try and get fit and down to 205 would be tough inside a year without it really taking a toll on your body. Good luck with whatever you choose and welcome to the playground
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