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7/14/12 7:42:06AM
Hey all, new to this site! Am an MMA fan and would love to train in a martial art such as brazilian jiu jitsu at some stage but am more focused and obsessed with aerial art at the moment.
7/14/12 8:20:22AM

Your gonna love it here. Best MMA site by far

If your interested in joining a fight camp id be glad to have you
7/14/12 10:53:40AM
Welcome to the PG brother
7/14/12 12:20:02PM
Welcome! Aerial art looks pretty physical so if you do decide to ever try BJJ it should help since you'll already be in decent shape.
7/14/12 12:45:21PM
Welcome to the Playground. We've got a couple of guys from New Zealand, always nice to have another
7/14/12 2:09:09PM
Welcome to the site

8/3/12 8:54:44PM
Howdy ... anything you want to share about your culture ... anything you would like to know about us Yanks?
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