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2/20/09 1:12:41PM
hey im new to this site and to be honest mma as a whole but im a fast learner and heard that this site is full of knowledgeable people to help me along
2/20/09 1:58:04PM
Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy it. As for the knowledgeable people, i don't know who told you that but..

hehe just kidding. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. We all have to start from somewhere! Just make sure to use the search function to see the topic hasn't been covered yet. Also, the Forum rules are a good read for you to not get banned
2/20/09 2:22:34PM
Come on in, the water is just fine. I think you'll find this place quite refreshing if you've visited some other MMA sites, most of the people here don't have that holier than thou attitude and are fairly helpful if anything is needed.

And just a quick tip, make it a habit to make all picks and outcomes on a card, leave nothing blank. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Good luck and see you around.
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