hey im new

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12/18/07 4:45:02PM
Just got into the sport a couple months ago..came here to learn..lookin forward to talkin with u guys
12/18/07 4:46:59PM
welcome to the site, im new here myself but i been watchin mma for bout 3 years

just got into mma a couple months ago huh? anything in particular that got u interested?

12/18/07 5:10:13PM
I have been watchin it as well for awhile, I've always loved it, when I said I just got into it I ment I just started training for it. As of right now I'm doin muay thai and ju jitsu
12/19/07 10:33:21AM
Welcome aboard, man.

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12/20/07 7:06:46PM
what emfleek said
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