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12/2/08 7:37:22PM
im not to worried aobut it but the other day i was at school everybody noes that i do MMA and that some guy wanted to fight me i said no i don't fight for no reason unless in controlled environment or i get pissed off. so hear this guy comes over to me starts mouthing of i did nothing about it words are words they dont bother me then he started talking not very nice stuff about my mum now my mum died in a fatal car accident when i was 13.

That set me off like a cracker. i got stood up hooked him in the face he stood back up i put a round house kick to his thigh he went down and nearly started crying. then i started walking away from the fight and he came around swung his forearm around my head and hit me square in face it bought tears to my eyes then i turned around and threw a kick to his face hit him in the side of the head. he hit a bench that was near by and he split his head open he is in hospital at the moment recovering and wanted to get your opinion on this matter was it the right thing to do or not.

sorry about how log it is but i do kinda feel bad and just wanted your guyz input onto this matter.

thanks lochie!
12/2/08 7:51:04PM
A true martial artist should know that no matter what you never start an altercation, mom's are out of line to talk about but at some point you can be put away for a while, its obvious you're a kid so the punishments are lighter but the day you turn 18 and start doing crap like that is the day you'll learn some really tough lessons about how much getting locked up sucks.
12/2/08 7:51:21PM
"I guess we have to register you as a lethal weapon"...lol Just get as many witnesses as you can and prove he started it. I don't think any person on earth would be able to restrain themselves when someone says what he says. Sorry about that by the way.
12/2/08 7:52:17PM
i think what you did is completely understandable. the guy made fun of your mother who passed away, that would set anyone off. he got what he deserved.
12/2/08 7:57:51PM
thanks for all your inputs much appreciated i have been expelled from my school. and the police are involved because the parents of the man want justice so lets see how i go this guy was 19 and is just a big thug trying to push his weight around because he had bin kept down like 3 times and he was physically bigger than most ppl. but like i said thnaks guyz for your input
12/2/08 8:00:35PM
I still have my mom around but her health is not as good as it used to be, so I cn only imagine you not having your mom around. Personally, I think the guy deserved it. Leave moms out your mouth. I know that if my mom passed away, and someone was talking shit about her, I would spend some time in jail. Momma jokes just ain't cool. You can get your ass whooped for some shit like that, just like homeboy did.
12/2/08 8:02:50PM
What comes around goes around.....

If you where my kid I would punish the hell out of you, but inside be proud that you stood up for yourself......

PS. Sometimes standing up for yourself can get you put in jail or shot and killed, so while your practicing making your body strong don't forget make you mind strong too....
12/2/08 8:09:28PM
Well you learned a valuable lesson; never turn your back on an opponent.

Sounds like you were in the right to me. If that's the way it went down then I would doubt you're going to be in much trouble. The school is another matter. Usually fighting (regardless of the instigator)results in both participantss being at fault.

Good luck with everything, hope it all works out for you.
12/2/08 8:20:12PM
You kidding, because your prolly going to be in a lot of trouble considering you threw the first punch and then split his head open.

This reminds me of GSP, he only does competition in the cage, doesnt get in fights outside the octagon or act like a badass
12/2/08 8:23:32PM

Posted by Wolfenstein

Well you learned a valuable lesson; never turn your back on an opponent.

Sounds like you were in the right to me. If that's the way it went down then I would doubt you're going to be in much trouble. The school is another matter. Usually fighting (regardless of the instigator)results in both participantss being at fault.

Good luck with everything, hope it all works out for you.

Thanks mate,

sadly i got expelled and he has got all the sympathy from the school the police think will find i was in the right. this si what my principal said im sorry but you train in Mixxed martial arts and we cant have someone so violent as you around our other students. i said i do MMA for self defense and competing. then he said thats enough im sorry but we are going t have to let u go go clean out your locker and your parents will be here shortly to pick you up.
12/2/08 8:29:41PM
As a Man you did the right thing you can only take so much. If this was 1960 people would be patting you on the back saying great job you put the bully in his place.

Now in this Pussified world we now live in you are going to have to accept the punishment you are handed. From this you will have to decide if it was worth it, obviously you won't know until the punishment is complete. Just remember if you can't go to school there are other options like Cyber School, and private school. I know they cost money but its part of the punishment. If you have to pay fines pay em probation do what they say you are young an in allot shorter time then you think this will be a thing of the past. Never forget you fought for your moms honor and now you are willing to take what you get to as a punishment for doing so.

If it goes to court get a Lawyer because you can spill all the real world bs you want to them but that never seems to matter a Lawyer will keep you from getting more then you deserve.
12/2/08 8:33:21PM

Posted by Wolfenstein
The school is another matter. Usually fighting (regardless of the instigator)results in both participantss being at fault.

Idk my school was F'd up, I was suckerpunched by a Junior in Sophmore year and I got in trouble for defending myself by using dirty boxing and the thai clinch to knock him mostly out cold.

The "reason" I got in trouble was because "I drew his blood" it didnt matter to the school that I had 15 witnesses or that he damn near broke my temple with a suckerpunch... "all you have is a little lump on your head, look at what you did to Mark hes going to the hospital for stitches, 3 weeks suspension"...which I made up in summer school and he got 3 freakin days...damn suburban schools and their damage policies lol.
12/2/08 8:46:09PM
I'm guessing that your only options were to either totally kick his ass, or just take it. Personally, I'm into the traditional martial arts philosiphy of nonviolence and I beleive what you did could've been avoided. But he needed that karmic asswhoopin and you layed it.

You probably should have given an invite to your back yard on a saturday but situations differ. All in all, despite my beleifes of nonviolence I think unless this is the retaliation kind of guy, you've done more good then bad. People can see him as a punk who isn't as tough as his words. Some bullies need that good old asswhoopin their parents forgot to give. It can dispell that intimidation to others.
12/2/08 9:06:55PM
I dunno, i mean really you cant expect to do what you did and get away with it. You cant just be kicking guys in the head on the street, you could seriously f**k somebody up. Hopefully you'll both learn a lesson, he wont go round talking shit about people and you wont go round kicking peoples faces off lol.
12/2/08 9:11:59PM
Honestly, I would've done the same thing. However that doesn't make it right. There is no problem with defending yourself, and from what you've said, I feel that you were perfectly within the limits of self-defense. I don't agree with throwing the first punch, but I really don't blame you for doing it. Hope everything ends up well for you, keep us updated.
12/2/08 9:27:14PM
i can definitely see why you snapped and beat his ass, but dude, you cant throw the first punch. the principal and the cops most likely arent going to go for your excuse for hitting him because "words cant hurt you." like Kracker_Jap said, you need to work on training your mind as well. you cant let stuff like that get to you. anyways, i hope everything works out for the best.
12/2/08 11:27:51PM
what's done is done, but whenever i had an altercation at school, i always told the person to meet me somewhere after school. i always think of my future first
12/3/08 1:24:44AM
If it was me in the situation , i would of choked the dude unconcious, then pulled his pants and underwhere off . Then just left the scene.

You threw the first punch , sadly you will take the fall . Shit happens, oh well .
12/3/08 1:41:04AM
yeh thanks guys fro your input means heaps i no i shouldn't have thrown that first punch but at the point and time i couldn't control my self. it just kidna bought back the memory off seeing my mum laying in that cutter it just gutted me and i just snapped.

cheers lochie
12/3/08 2:55:09AM
great news the boys parents had found out what he said to me they came to my door and thanked me for putting him on his ass apparently he had bin acting tough and getting into alot of shit with the police and when they found out what he said to me they decided not to press charges they still weren't happy with what i did but they understood he shouldnt have picked a fight with me for no reason. so im really happy about that.

now to find a school lol
12/3/08 3:47:45AM
see u did the right thing
my mom passed 10 years ago in if i was in high school and someone said something about my mom (who had passed) i whouldnt have stopped where u did in a perfect world u could have killed him and it would be a justifed homicide
but thats just my thoughts on someone that wants to talk shit about someone mom
12/3/08 10:27:14AM
If the kid is 19, can his parents even press charges? I'd assume that it would be up to him...not his parents.

But, anyways...restraint, brother. Restraint. Hopefully you learned your lesson.
12/3/08 4:09:07PM

Posted by PaleHorse
A true martial artist should know that no matter what you never start an altercation

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