hey guys: some of my fight vids

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3/9/07 1:22:24PM
I'm starting to transfer some of my fight vids over to revver.com instead of youtube because they pay ad dollars for it.

Here is my channel


And the two vids that I've got up so far.



Matt Masterson
3/9/07 8:41:43PM
If that's really you, awesome KO you got there on that first vid. Kinda reminded me of the recent Shogun - Overeem fight. I've also seen your fight with Rex before when I was checking out who he was and I was impressed by the transition to his back before you choked him out.
How's training going and where will your next fight be? Any approach from any of the bigger promotions yet?

What's your background btw.? It looked like you had some power in your hands in those two fights and solid BJJ. I guess it's hard to look good wrestling against a guy like Holman but you didn't look terrible there either.
3/9/07 9:04:32PM
Nice KO, that was sweet man!

LOL, would love to see the giant swing in action!!!
3/10/07 11:14:37AM
Everything is going fine in the gym... I train with the Strong Style Fight Team in Cleveland, Ohio. And I've had contact with a few of the bigger orgs, but no takers yet.

The UFC talked to my trainer before UFC 68 for someone to fight Martin Kampmann (I guess Mcfedries was banged up or something, but he eventually took the fight anyway). I would have loved to fight in the first UFC in Ohio... then Frank Shamrock's team was looking for a guy to fight at 205 for them on St. Patrick's Day, but Brian Ebersole got cleared by the CSAC.

So now, I don't know what I'm doing. I am in the middle of a tournament at 185 in the Fight Fest organization, but I don't really know the situation there. There were three guys in the semi finals Brendan Seguin, Rhomez Brower, and myself... but they needed to do another 1st rd fight. Then Seguin got signed in the WEC so they may just move me and Brower to the finals because it has gone awry.

My background is MMA. I wrestled in grade school, then in high school I only played football because I didn't think my shoulders would hold up through football and wrestling (they didn't even hold up through football). Then, while in college I started training with the guys from Strong Style... after like 3 years I felt like I was good enough to where I could get in there with anyone (even the top guys) and more than hold my own, so I started competing... now I'm 7-1 and looking for fights with contenders, but they are hard to come by. In truth, I have more natural power in my hands than most people and that scares managers away when it doesn't scare fighters away. My last two fights were last minute replacements for whatever reason.
3/10/07 11:38:56AM
Wow its great we actually have a pro fighter on the site now. Thats awesome. Maybe the mods could get you a little nottage under your name stating that you are a fighter (like on sherdog).
Well welcome to the site. and thanks for the vids they were pretty cool.
3/11/07 6:10:00PM
Wow, nice KO. Welcome
3/11/07 7:06:31PM
cool vids nice to have you on the sight.
3/16/07 7:04:05AM
I watch fight fest every friday. It's a nice show to feature all the talent around Ohio. Strong Style is a hell of a team to fight for too.. I know they usually showcase Team Instigator on the show, but everytime they have someone from Strong Style they always show up to fight.

I like what I seen from Arman Loktev a couple weeks ago on there. Seems like a real nice guy too... I've seen Forrest Petz fight In Columbus last year and he is exciting to watch also (heavy hands).
3/19/07 9:19:31PM
hey man good fights u train down in cleveland i was suppose to go down there i train down here in victoria at red dragon academy i was in the big bear tournaments im resntly now training hard for a fight im gonna have in vancouver im training with adam zugec and nathan micheals if u know them we shuld talk sum time maybe if your ever in town we can train together.
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