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9/4/08 1:59:41AM
Alright, I'm new to these forums, I was looking for a place to talk with other people intrested in MMA. I'm mainly intrested in Muay Thai and Boxing, but I realize you have to mix it up. I was just wondering what should I be eating lots of...and what should I be eating little of. I'm not big at all, I'm 5'6 and 110lbs. I weight lift.....I eat alot....I never get any bigger just more cut. I can bench 155 lbs...so I think im in decent condition for my size. Anyways basically my question is what should I do to start conditioning for MMA style fights?

9/4/08 9:21:08AM
how old are you? if you are still young you very well may fill out quite a bit. when i was in high school it didnt matter what i ate i never got any bigger. now that is not a problem to say the least lol. i dont have any specific advice but im sure that others will, as there are a lot of folks on this site a lot more educated about diet than i am (at least as far as weight gain is concerned, i know a lot more about weight loss as that is my issue).
9/4/08 10:27:38AM
Yeah, bro it takes a while to bulk up. When I was a freshman in high school I wrestled 103 and was maybe 5'2 or so. I don't even remember how tall I was. I benched around 135 lbs (I remember first putting up the plates. I thought I was awesome, haha)

Anyway, now I'm in my 20's and I'm 6' and 170 lbs. Still thin, but I bench around 245 or so depending on how the ol' rotator cuff is feeling. At one point I got up near 300 for a bench, but then I realized (thanks to said rotator cuff) that some people are just meant to be a certain size. Since then I've just trained my body differently and I've learned to play my natural strengths (cardio, reach) against my opponents. Now I hold my own against guys 20 or 30 lbs. heavier than me.

Basically- the size will come in time, but if it doesn't then no worries.
9/4/08 12:56:33PM
first let me say welcome..

as for perparing to comepte my adivce is just eat properly work out properly.. and start training some where don't worry about what you weigh.. let your body find its natural ideal weight.. depending on your age you may go through alot of changes.. when I was 17 I went into the navy.. I was about 5'11 190 pounds.. I got out I was 6'2 and weighed about 250... so thats a big change in a relitively short time.. so don't freak about weight.. just train, eat properly and and keep yourself in shape.. when your ready to compete if thats what you want to do... step on a scale see what you weigh.. if your say 206... you could easily cut a pound to compete at 205.. but don't freak about your weight until your ready to start competing
9/6/08 7:16:04AM
If you're looking to bult up I would suggest a combination of creatine (I'd reccommend Cell Tech) and protein supplements wether it be whey protein or foods high in protein like fish, eggs, or meats.
9/9/08 4:14:36AM
they have stuff at gnc that will help you bulk up. its like a chocolate milk mix. it worked really well for me. it is a little expensive but if you have the money it is worth it and if you use it right it ends up being not that bad. like two bottles of soda a day. It comes in strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. i prefer the chocolate. I would recomend EATING BEFORE YOU DRINK it. otherwise you lose your appetite. here is a list of different ones.http://www.gnc.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2108309&cp=2167077.2474584&view=all
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