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12/18/09 1:29:00AM
And other intelligent insights....

No seriously, never heard about this site until a few months back. (Probably been hit in the head too much since then to remember from where.) But love the fantasy mma tools you guys built. Haven't found a better place for fantasy MMA anywhere else. So kudos to you guys.

Usually I dislike forums, but I clicked through yours and everyone here seems like nice folks. So, I figure why not. Been a student and fan of the fight game since way back (the 80s way back). I train a lot less than I use to but still get out to get my ass handed to me by better athletes on a semi-regular basis. I try to get out to local and national fights and stay as current as I can.

Anyway, maybe at some point I might have something intelligent to say. Not now. But maybe at some point.

12/18/09 8:43:31AM
Welcome, man. Feel free to post as often as you'd like!
12/18/09 10:39:12AM

Posted by emfleek

Welcome, man. Feel free to post as often as you'd like!

Except Tuesdays...try to keep it under 7 posts on Tuesdays, please.

12/18/09 11:01:52AM
Thanks for the welcome fellas.
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