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12/15/09 5:03:12PM
Just found this site and it looks cool. Looking forward to fantasy MMA! Been a huge fan of the sport for about 10 years. Currently take Muay Thai and hope to get in on some jits. Wondering if anyone else in here is from Cleveland area and knows a good gym? Thanks.

Bad mojo

12/15/09 5:21:18PM
Welcome aboard. Don't forget to check out the "Secondary" League as there is a fight card for some of the Strikeforce fights this weekend.
12/16/09 12:48:31AM
Hey and welcome to the playground.

Im not from Cleveland, but I do live in Ohio about an hour and fifteen minutes south of Cleveland. From what I hear the best gym to train at in Cleveland would be Strong Style. They have great coaches over there and I believe that Pablo Castro does the BJJ there. They have all ages of fighters training over there including Forrest Petz.

Click here for their webpage

Also if you are interested in talking with other Ohio members on here you can join our fight camp "OHIO TOP TEAM" . Our camp is very active with about 25 regular members all from Ohio. We have competed this past season in the Lightheavyweight Division for every event. If you are interested in joining our camp either send me an email or reply on this thread and I will send you an invite to join.
This also goes for anyone else from Ohio that would like to join up with us at OHIO TOP TEAM and represent our state on this website.
12/16/09 8:30:47AM
Welcome to the Playground! I like to remind each new member to please make sure to read over the site rules when you get a chance. It'll be very beneficial to you both in posting and in helping us keep the forums free from trolls.

Good luck with your picks and wagers! Again...welcome aboard!
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