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1/15/07 1:44:52PM
This next UFC event is a joke. All the main event fights seem like gimmies. OF COARSE every fight has a chance to go the unexpected route but come on. Silva, Cro Cop, Jackson? No contest. Also being from Canada, without GSP on the card ........ its not woth it.
1/15/07 3:42:49PM
Hello to Canada...

I think some people just want to see CC, Silva and Rampage fight...(I do) and so this should be a pretty good and fun fight!

When did watching some guy like CC beat the crap out of somebody not become fun..?
Know what I mean bro...?
1/15/07 9:07:57PM
Every once in a while a good execution card is a good thing. I also hope that the UFC finds a way to have GSP defend his belt in Canada somethime this year. That would be huge
1/15/07 9:09:47PM
Rampage is my definite favorite to win, but you guys can't forget that Eastman has already beat Rampage in KOTC.
1/15/07 10:06:08PM
OK! Granted, a card of nothing but good beatings is very entertaing. And i dd not know that eastman already beat jackson once. So maybe not a total wash card.
Wasn't it already stated that GSP would defend his belt in Montreal in the rematch with Hughes? Thought i heard that, or maybe just wishfull thinking........
1/16/07 5:58:21PM
Hey how is it going?

Question, UFC isn't worth what?
1/16/07 6:21:15PM
I entertained thoughts that this next event wasn't going to be worth the ppv cost. But I've been convinced otherwise.
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