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1/13/12 10:43:53AM
Hey everyone,

I just saw mmajunkie writing about this site and I thought it would be fun to try this out. I've never been a part of fantasy anything so I have no idea how it all works.

I love MMA, I'm between a casual and hardcore fan lol, because I mainly focus on UFC Cards and Strikeforce. I do watch some smaller events sometimes but I always catch the big fights :)

If anyone can provide me with any tips or places to learn more about this fantasy stuff, I would really appreciate it.

Looking forward to meeting some of you guys and talking about MMA stuff

1/13/12 10:57:30AM
welcome to the PG! tis a great place for news, podcasts, side games, off topic threads, and trying to get more than 5 points on your picks (which i sadly did once).

fight camps are a good way to talk with some people and discuss each upcoming card. joining one can really help your pick % (i hit at a 71% rate last season while only being a career 62%)... head over to the fight camp central subforum and make a want ad

on the left side are the links to where you can make your fantasy picks and wages, among other useful things.

the home page is always updated with the latest MMA news around the world. dont hesitate to make a post in there....but please refrain from fighter bashing, member bashing, and posting plain stupidity.

browse all the forums the PG has to offer. engage in discussions of all sorts. this site is a great way to kill time at work or at home

thats all i feel like contributing atm, but welcome and enjoy your stay
1/13/12 11:08:39AM
Welcome aboard
1/13/12 11:11:04AM
Why was MMAJunkie writing about the Playground? Are you able to provide a link to what was said/written?
1/13/12 11:12:05AM

You started just in time to get picks in for tomorrow's event. You can read the game rules here. If you have any questions after reading that, feel free to ask...there's some good people here that are always willing to help.
1/13/12 11:13:01AM

Posted by emfleek

Why was MMAJunkie writing about the Playground? Are you able to provide a link to what was said/written?

I went over there and was looking for it as well ..found an old ad.

1/13/12 11:19:23AM
^ We're hoping to get back to that point someday soon.
1/13/12 11:19:51AM
Welcome aboard

I believe OP is referring to a forum post.

1/13/12 11:36:44AM
Welcome to Playground, MMATakeover. The fantasy league is great. Just ask anyone here.

I have sent you a fight camp invitation. Hope you join.

1/13/12 12:42:45PM
I was half expecting a link to your own website. Welcome and good luck with the picks and wagers.
1/13/12 1:01:30PM
Welcome to The Playground! You seem like a decent enough guy. Hope you stick around.
1/16/12 12:59:56PM
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome

I can't find the original link...I was in the news section on google looking for updates on MMA for the week and then I saw a link to MMAJUNKIE speaking about this site.
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