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9/25/11 5:10:20PM
What's up everybody?

I actually registered a long time ago and was an active member here for a while. I wasn't super active around the forums but I did make predictions on every UFC fight for a year or two. That's pretty much my main reason for returning. There's something about making official predictions for each fight that makes it all more enjoyable for me, so here I am.

I'm interested to see how active these forums are these days. I see a lot of the posts that were stickied ages ago are still up, lol.
9/25/11 5:42:31PM
kinda fun going baack # reading threads from 3 years ago. lots of opinions have changed in 3 years & lots have stayed the same
9/25/11 6:15:52PM
I've only been around for less then a year. Welcome back.
9/25/11 6:32:46PM
Welcome back friendo
9/25/11 8:22:32PM
Good to see an OG return! Hope you keep posting and playing the game
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