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3/7/07 2:56:32PM
Hey everyone,

New here, heard about the site and liked the forums, good to see some fight talk. As for myslef I come from the east coast of Canada and have been training kickboxing and bjj for a couple of years not. As for favorite fighters I like Fedor(of course), BJ Penn, and Babalu(sucker for the guys with talent who can't seem to pull it off) Look forward to the wagers..
3/7/07 3:15:00PM
nice to have you i'm from nelson b.c there are alot of fight teams that are good up here in canada so maybe you should look into joing them if you don't get more guys for your camp. um i would love to make waggers with you but i got my cash in the fightnight coming up but if you want to send me your picks for ufc 69 and 70 i will let you know if i want to make waggers on them and send you waggers after the fight night is over. good to have you hear and have fun.
3/7/07 9:29:18PM
welcome to the site. Woot woot! NL Pride!
3/8/07 6:32:42AM
I meant to say 'now' after bjj instead of 'not', sounds like i am from the 80's.
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