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4/18/08 11:42:57PM

I thought this site/forum looked fun so I thought I would join. I am a big MMA fan and have a good general knowledge of the sport. I have watched every UFC PPV since I started watching MMA (about a year ago). Before really following MMA or the UFC I watched TUF here and there when it was on. I watched TUF 4 religiously, then TUF 5 & 6, and now 7.

Anyhow, I look forward to my time here and just thought I would introduce myself.

PS - My favourite fighter is Chris Leben and my second favourite is Matt Serra. I started becoming a Serra fan after watching him on TUF 4 and was happy to see him with a huge upset over GSP. Can't wait to watch him do it again tommorow night.
4/19/08 12:25:33AM
4/19/08 12:26:44AM
Thanks for the welcome :)
4/19/08 12:44:57AM
any leban fan is a friend of mine brother. and enjoy this shit its a pretty cool sit once you learn it. if you have nay questions just ask and anyone will help you everyone is pretty cool
4/19/08 1:01:41AM
Hey man thanks a lot. I hope to see you around on the boards in the future!
4/19/08 3:28:53AM
Uh-oh, your in trouble once all the Canadian fans get back from UFC 83 since your a Serra fan . Just kidding with you, Welcome to the site - it is the best MMA site around.
4/19/08 3:50:57AM
Yeah haha, all my buddies don't understand how I could be a Serra fan in this situation.
4/23/08 6:36:19PM
Hey you stick to your guns, I respect that.
4/24/08 1:56:11PM
Welcome to the playground, Serra fan as well
4/28/08 1:17:48PM
Hey everyone
Kinda new to the site too loving it. Got into MMA about 18 months ago cause I live in the Uk can only really get UFC on a large scale but I catch the smaller promotions when I can.

My favourite fighters are Anderson Silva and Jon Fitch loved the Serra fight was behind him he should get another shot soon.

Look forward to getting to know some people
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